Golf Performance

It is said that golf is a mind game, and it is. It is the reason so many professional golfers choke or get the yips in the last round when there is so much at stake. The mindset in golf also affects many recreational golfers and can turn their game into a very frustrating experience. It can happen at any time. Often when it does happen it continues and gets worse as time goes on. We create bad mindset habits and this affects our swing.

When the conscious mind becomes too involved in the swing it interrupts the communication between the subconscious mind and muscle memory. This creates problems in the swing and frustrations and anger in the game. Carried from one hole to the next it will amplify the problem. The result is often in golf called the yips.

You train your body through practice until the subconscious mind develops muscle memory, but not many people who play golf train the mind. To create a consistent mind set, the mind also needs to be trained to develop habit of focused concentration. It usually takes four to six weeks to train the subconscious mind and develop the positive habits required for consistent and continually improving golf.

Our program at whole mind strategies is to develop this mind set over a six week period. One session a week for six weeks and a set of four CD’s to listen to, one each day between sessions. We teach techniques to let go of negative emotions and develop a positive expectation of good play. There are also car CD’s we provide free of charge. Most of us spend a lot of money on memberships, green fee’s, equipment and lessons, but not many invest in improving mindset. If you’re getting frustrated and angry with your game give us a call on 9792 2242

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