Sport Performance Hypnosis

Sport Psychology, Hypnosis and Counselling

One of the biggest barriers to an athlete’s performance is the mind-set. We have a program based on years of experience that can help an athlete develop a winning mind-set. The program is based around changing negative self- defeating thoughts into a positive expectation.

The subconscious mind is brilliant. We teach it to do something them it does it automatically, like driving a car. In sport we train the body and mind to build and develop skills, habits of doing things automatically. When we start thinking too much we close this brilliance down. Our minds get in the way. An athlete at their peak talks about being in the zone. This is when things seem automatic and without effort. We teach how to get into the zone for peak sport performance. We have worked with football teams, tennis players, soccer players, basketball players, netball players, martial artists, boxers, weight lifters just to name a few. All have the same thing in common sabotaging negative thoughts that affect performance.

Through hypnosis and counselling we can break through this barrier and perform at our peak. One on one session’s are the best way to do bring about changes to mind set. But we have also had great results from athletes just using our Peak Sport performance recordings.